The world I dream of.

Every big dream has started with daydreaming.
The realization of that dream is the ideal we strive for.
And the world you could live in is real and completely in your hands.

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About the project

BEL MONDO is a new residential and business project with a unique vision of a carefree, tucked-away oasis in an urban surrounding. As a continuance of the WEST 65 complex, it represents harmony of a dynamic community, abundant with diverse content and yet peaceful, pleasant ambience offering complete privacy. Located in the central part of New Belgrade, with access to two key road junctions. This luxury residential and business condominium will become a symbol of the visually attractive architectural plan, meeting requirements of users with a highly sophisticated lifestyle. BEL MONDO is an inspiring concept where the standard of sophisticated residential housing follows the aesthetics of contemporary form. Your refined corner standing out remarkably in this urban environment,
BEL MONDO is the world you dreamed of.

A reliable investor

PSP-Farman Holding is an international developer and construction company. In the field of development, design, construction and furnishing of facilities, the company has been operating for over 30 years. In the field of architecture, construction and engineering systems, company PSP-Farman Holding has completed numerous office and residential buildings, trade and sports centers, and industrial and traffic complexes.
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In a world where dreams blend with reality, where luxury and comfort become an everyday experience, we present BEL MONDO residential and business complex. At the heart of our story, we create a world that is beyond your boldest fantasies, a place where aesthetics and functionality combine, where everyday life turns into the art of living. Experience life in a way which you never thought imaginable through BEL MONDO!

Various structures of apartments

BEL MONDO has everything to suit your dream life. Choose an apartment according to your needs and taste, from one-room to six-room apartments.

Dream comfort

Your dream life begins with waking up in a new home, designed to give you relaxation, privacy and comfort for each new day. Understanding the needs of modern life at every age, special attention is paid to top quality materials, quality equipment and final interior finishing.


Carefully selected high-quality materials blend with impeccable finishes, providing a living space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.


The complex consists of two buildings: a corner residential building with 203 apartments and 14 shops on the ground floor, which rises to 9 floors and has garages on 2 levels below ground 2Po+P+8+Ps; A building of business apartments opposite the residential building, which consists of the ground floor and 6 floors with 43 business apartments and 4 bars.

General plan

Residential and commercial building with three connected slats
Building with business apartments

Buildings A, B, C
The residential building consists of a ground floor and 9 floors, with 203 apartments and 14 units.

The business apartments building consists of a ground floor and 6 floors, with 43 business apartments and 4 units.

A two-story underground garage extends under the entire complex.


A world of dreams stretches before you – a series of beautiful apartments that invite you to step into them. As you walk through this dream world, you feel your desires and ambitions merge with reality. Everyday life becomes an adventure, and home becomes a source of happiness and fulfillment. This is the world you’ve always dreamed of, and now you have the opportunity to shape it according to your imagination.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your new property, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We are here to support you and provide all the information you need at all stages of moving into your long-awaited dream apartment.

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